About APICAW / Points of Unity

APICAW holds monthly general meetings and frequent educational forums and events.

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Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition Against War is a coalition of organizations from Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the Bay Area. We believe that true peace and security can only come through global justice. Working in solidarity with other anti-war groups and community organizations, our mission is to represent and bring an API perspective to a growing anti-war and anti-interventionists movement in the U.S.

We believe in the sovereignty of oppressed peoples and human rights within the U.S. and abroad. We support the self-determination of nations and the right to stand up against U.S. occupation and other occupying forces. Mortgage calculator

We are united around the following five points:

  1. We are dedicated to global peace and justice. We oppose the U.S. government’s “war against terrorism”. This includes sanctions, bombings, the deployment of ground troops, covert operations and any other violent reaction. The U.S. government has used the “war on terrorism” as a way to promote its own imperialist agenda. It has resulted in more violence and the loss of more innocent lives both in the U.S. and abroad. Our communities and those with whom we stand in solidarity are suffering the most because war has targeted Third World countries and because the U.S. armed forces are disproportionately composed of young and working class people of color.
  2. We stand in solidarity with all targeted communities, including South and West Asians in the struggle against racism and immigrant scapegoating. Entire communities have been under attack, resulting in raids, mass detentions and deportations. Individuals have been harassed, violently attacked, and murdered. The “war on terrorism” should also not be used to strip immigrants of their rights or increase restrictions on immigration including deportation and prolonged detention.
  3. We stand for our civil and political rights – and will fight to protect them against further erosion. We demand that our right to political expression be upheld, including the right to protest and organize. We oppose increased surveillance and harassment of organizations and individuals.
  4. We believe in the need to build strong grassroots organizations that provide safe spaces for those willing to learn about, be aware of, and fight the many intersecting systems of oppression which hold us down. This includes recognizing and challenging oppression and privilege such as that based on ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, immigration status, race, and sexuality. Strong organizations must be accountable to their communities in order to promote a united and empowered movement.
  5. We promote the development of a broader geopolitical analysis of the “war on terrorism”, and its integration into our local work. This analysis examines the role of Asia and the Pacific Islands in the context of international politics, and links the “war on terrorism” to the war at home on our communities.

APICAW Organizational Members: AAMovement / Ezine; Alliance of South Asians Taking Action (ASATA); American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) / Asian & Pacific American Community Program (APAC); Asian & Pacific Islander Youth Promoting Advocacy & Leadership (AYPAL); Asian Prisoner Support Committee (APSC); BAYAN-USA; Chinese Progressive Association (CPA); Chin Jurn Wor Ping, or Moving Forward For Peace (CJWP); Korean Americans United for Peace (KAUP); and VietUnity


  • A Call for Global Unity & Struggle
    Against U.S. Imperialist War and Aggression
    : by VietUnity
  • End U.S. War and Terror in Iraq and the Philippines
    Statement on 3 Year Anniversary of Iraq War
    : by BAYAN-USA
  • Nothing Will Defeat The Spirit of This Land: Posters on the War in Viet Nam: APICAW, Asian Resource Gallery, and the All Of Us Or None (AOUON) Archive joint exhibition statement
  • A Call For Peace in the Korean Peninsula: by Korean Americans United for Peace (KAUP)
  • Statement in Solidarity with the People of Palestine.

Downloadable PDF documents
APICAW: March 20 Statement on the 3rd Anniversary of US Occupation of IRAQ
| Anti-War Curriculum for Youth: True Colors – The International and Domestic Consequences of War
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